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Property Division Considerations

Division of assets is a fundamental issue in any divorce. Whether a marital estate is modest or high-end, the outcome of a property division settlement will typically affect each spouse’s finances for years to come.

The processes that go into determining property division often seem intimidating and overwhelming to people approaching divorce. Attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist Justine A. Dell has years of experience guiding clients through the process with due attention focused on:

  • Protecting individual rights
  • Arriving at an equitable settlement
  • Avoiding overspending on attorneys’ fees

Addressing Complex And Challenging Issues In Property Division Negotiations

The Law Office of Justine A. Dell provides counsel and representation for clients facing high net worth divorces as well as others with more middle-class asset portfolios. Complex asset portfolios may pose challenges related to:

  • Asset valuation
  • Business valuation
  • Hidden assets
  • Fluctuating real estate values
  • Retirement accounts

Someone approaching divorce sometimes has one thing that stands in the way of a speedy divorce settlement agreement. It may be a vacation cabin, a boat, an art collection, stocks and bonds, 401(k) accounts or even a beloved pet. It is easy to get sidetracked and distracted from the main objective of a timely, equitable settlement. An experienced divorce attorney, such as Justine A. Dell, can be a valuable guide and advocate through the process of arriving at an acceptable settlement agreement.

Mediation may be the best route to a satisfactory settlement. High-conflict cases may need to go to trial. Attorney Justine A. Dell has abundant experience representing clients’ best interests by any method.

Whatever special concerns you face as you go through a California divorce, the Law Office of Justine A. Dell has sensible guidance and strong advocacy to offer. Call 714-832-1530 or send an email to schedule a consultation with lawyer Justine A. Dell about property division, spousal support or any other aspect of your divorce.

Your Priorities Help Determine The Strategy In Your California Divorce

Is prompt resolution a top priority for you? Is equitable property division in a high-asset divorce an overriding concern? Are you worried about child support, spousal support or both? Are you most concerned about retaining access to your children? Whatever your goals, the Law Office of Justine A. Dell, APC, is ready to help you pursue them.

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