Aggressive Family Law Representation With Your Priorities at the Forefront

At the Law Office of Justine A. Dell, APC, you can count on a thoughtful, customized approach to your California divorce, support or custody challenges.

Certified Family Law Specialist

Personalized Family Law Representation

In every family law matter, this law firm customizes legal solutions according to clients’ best interests. Whether you need an attorney who will represent you zealously in the courtroom or seek a lawyer to guide you through an expedited amicable divorce or child custody agreement, Certified Family Law Specialist Justine A. Dell is prepared to guide you.

Full-Service Law Firm Handles Divorce, Custody And More

The Law Office of Justine A. Dell, APC, also handles:

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Legal separation, annulment and dissolution of domestic partnerships

Domestic violence restraining orders

Enforcement actions; post-judgment modifications

Name changes

California Divorce

We handle all varieties of marital dissolution, including uncontested divorces.

Children’s Best Interests

Consult with an experienced attorney on child custody, visitation, paternity, actions, termination, of parental rights or grandparents’ rights questions.

What About Assets?

Property division is a central component of high-asset divorces and middle-class divorces alike.

Support Issues

Child support is usually calculated formulaically. Spousal support is determined case-by-case.


“I really care about my clients and want what is best for them. Together, we devise strategies most effective for individual circumstances.”
— Justine A. Dell

Mediation May Be The Way To Resolve Your Family Law Matter

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation, often offers divorcing couples or separated parents effective means of determining their own futures. Schedule a consultation by calling 714-832-1530 or sending an email message.

“I started my legal career as a receptionist in a law office. Then I was a paralegal, a law clerk and a law student. Now a Certified Family Law Specialist certified by the California State Bar of Certification, I focus my practice solely on family law.”
— Justine A. Dell