Justine put me at ease right away. She is intelligent, professional, courteous and knows her stuff without skipping a beat. I was clueless when it came to my divorce and Justine walked me through it every step of the way. I never second guessed what she was telling me or questioned her as I trusted her 100%.

I have never felt so prepared as I did when I went to court as I did thanks to Justine. She does not beat around the bush or waste your time. She is on it and makes you feel good about a bad situation. She is honest and sincere. I would recommend her to my children, family and friends as a Family Law Lawyer. Thanks to Justine I can move forward with life!!! – Jennifer

Justine is a very exceptional family law attorney. First of all, I was referred to her by another family law attorney who said that he didn’t like to go up against her. I took that as a good sign of someone that was going to stand up for me and my children. I had met with 7 other attorneys before finding Justine for my divorce and special needs custody case. She is smart, direct, efficient and thoughtful. She doesn’t miss a detail, even when I do in this stressful time in my life. I like that Justine doesn’t waste your time. She thinks ahead of what would help your situation that you may not have considered. I never felt like I was getting the cookie cutter playbook. Her retainer was reasonable and her billing was clear and upfront. She is cognizant about how her time and your money would be best used. I would recommend Justine to any of my family and friends. – Grittiya

I’m finally having the chance to write a review for an excellent attorney. Today marks the one year anniversary from when Justine was able to bring my case to conclusion. After 5 long years being represented by another lawyer and getting no where in settling my divorce, Justine took over and eight months later my case concluded to my extreme satisfaction. She left no stone unturned, fought every step of the way for me and we prevailed. I’m still in awe that it’s finally over. 5 years is a really long time to be in and out of Lamoreaux…started making friends down there! She’s just really a great person to work with and with a great work ethic and takes what she does extremely seriously with all involved parties. Call Justine Dell, she really is the best is the business, you’re in good hands and you’ll be able to sleep at night. – Stephanie

Justine is dependable, knowledgeable, and was there when I needed her.

She was well prepared in all our court appearances and I felt that I was well represented. When I was sitting in the courtroom listening to the other cases and other attorneys, I felt bad for the other people because their attorneys were ill prepared and did not do the proper steps in their cases. That’s when I appreciated and realized that I was very blessed because Justine was my attorney. She kept me up to date with details in my case. She would also followed up on matters wherever the other attorney dropped the ball.

Divorce is a very traumatic experience and you need to be able to rely on your attorney to protect you and to make sure you’re well represented. There were times where I just told Justine that my own judgement was clouded and that I needed her to do the thinking for me. I trusted her that much and I’m glad that I did. I felt protected. I felt at ease and I felt assured that If I forgot something, Justine wouldn’t.

Justine was so easy to talk to and easily accessible and she answered questions I had– promptly and clearly.

She was fiscally responsible. She sent me an invoice promptly and gave me different options for taking care of the bill. She actually would tell me ways on how to save money as far as handling matters in the case.

My friend recommended Justine and I felt very comfortable with her on the phone. I had an urgent matter and sent texts and calls out to different attorneys, and Justine was first one to respond to my plea . That was the main deciding factor on why I hired her. I am so glad she answered me when she did.

Thanks Justine! – Joann

I hired Justine Dell in 2014 to make some changes in my marital settlement agreement. She was very professional, and efficient. I would highly recommend her. – Helen
Justine is a very professional, competent, honest, and compassionate attorney who works hard for you without wasting time and money. She has the type of personality that instantly put me at ease and made it easy for me to talk to her, but at the same time, was astute and sharp-witted when it came to getting my case resolved. I would highly recommend Justine to anyone looking for a family/divorce attorney. S.C.
Justine kept everything very professional and in a caring way. She is straight forward, very knowledgeable, and works hard to get the situation handled swiftly. she does not cut corners but finds ways to keep things moving so no time is wasted (time is money). I was always in the loop on my situation and was given options that were explained simple enough and in enough detail to make an educated decision. Chad C.
After almost 3 years and a lot of money spent with another lawyer on a uncontested divorce I decided to fire them. A friend of mine gave me Justine’s number. What a blessing! We set up a meeting at her office and discussed my case with her, after I was done she looked up at me ( I’m 6′ 6″ ) and said, Don’t worry I will handle this for you. In less then 28 days it was all over and I am now divorced. Who says GREAT things don’t come in small packages. Again Justine thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Scott S.
Justine is very good, always pushed hard to get my case resolved. Always keep me in her best interest and worked hard on my behalf. She is very professional both in appearance and in her work. I would recommend her highly! – Teresa

Justine was the second attorney I hired for my case. I fired the first one because he was unethical. Justine was and continues to be a very competent, ethical, honest and great attorney. She has dealt with an ex husband who is abusive and extremely difficult to work with and received wonderful results. She’s above board and keeps you informed every step of the way. I have recommended Justine to quite a few friends and they have been very happy with her and also received very favorable results. I will continue to use and recommend her to anyone and everyone. If you need an attorney who can get the job done in a professional and timely manner then Justine is the one for you!

Justine Dell is very knowledgeable, helpful and extremely efficient in advising you about the laws pertaining to Child Support and Family Custody. Justine is a thorough, compassionate attorney with a sound legal mind. She is realistic about possible outcomes, and very savvy about working within the framework of the family court and child support systems for the best possible outcome. I was thrilled with the outcome – I was granted sole legal and physical custody. I would definitely recommend Justine Dell to anyone going through a divorce, or dealing with ongoing custody/visitation/support issues. –

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