Resolving family law disputes out of the courtroom is a proven way to keep private family matters in the hands of the people most affected by the outcomes. California attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist Justine A. Dell strongly encourages divorcing couples and separated parents to arrive at settlement agreements through sensible means whenever possible. A mediated amicable divorce does not deny hurt feelings, but moves beyond them to practical considerations.

A Knowledgeable Divorce And Child Custody Mediation Lawyer

In Ms. Dell’s role as a mediator, she remains neutral while guiding a couple through legal processes that keep them in control of a divorce or child custody mediation. With one spouse or parent as the petitioner and the other as respondent, the two voluntarily agree to make their own decisions about:

In cases where mediation is not suitable or breaks down irreparably, attorney Justine A. Dell is prepared to advise and represent clients skillfully through all phases of litigation. She advocates on behalf of clients before judges and juries as necessary.

Mediation Offers A Cost-Effective, Usually Flat-Fee, Route To Sensible Case Resolution

Attorney Justine A. Dell’s in-depth family law experience allows her to keep couples in mediation aware of what courts will or will not likely accept. Clients of the Law Office of Justine A. Dell, APC, typically find the process cost-effective and low-conflict. Family law mediation keeps private family matters private. Parents who will continue collaborating in raising children often find the steps in mediation helpful in establishing new ways of interacting. A civil, collaborative relationship as co-parents has great value for the whole family.

Are you and your spouse or the other parent of your children ready to resolve your legal issues amicably, in your own best interests? Learn how this law firm can help you make it happen affordably and reasonably through family law mediation.

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