The ending of a marriage has multiple dimensions: emotional, practical, financial and legal. By the time clients consult with a lawyer, many people are ready to move beyond emotional issues and toward practical action. If you are facing a California divorce, you probably have priorities clearly in mind. Lawyer Justine A. Dell has ample experience helping people through the processes that will lead to completion of a divorce.

Attorney Justine A. Dell, Esq. is a Certified Family Law Specialist certified by the California State Bar of Certification. For five years, she was an adjunct professor for the paralegal certificate program at South Coast College, where she taught courses in family law and other legal practice areas. She brings knowledge gained through more than a decade of experience in the legal arena, primarily in family law, to benefit every new client.

No matter the issues included in your case, you can count on the Law Office of Justine A. Dell, APC, to aggressively represent you in a courtroom or during settlement negotiations. Whether you feel compelled to take a high-conflict divorce before a judge or pursue an amicable divorce through mediation, Ms. Dell is well-prepared to protect your interests zealously and skillfully.

Your Priorities Help Determine The Strategy In Your California Divorce

Is prompt resolution a top priority for you? Is equitable property division in a high-asset divorce an overriding concern? Are you worried about child support, spousal support or both? Are you most concerned about retaining access to your children? Whatever your goals, the Law Office of Justine A. Dell, APC, is ready to help you pursue them.

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